Founded in 1956 in Montreal by the Etienne family, Au Pain Doré remained true to tradition offering “the real French bread”.

Incorporated to Goupe LeDuff in 2009, Au Pain Doré is commercialized through various retail and foodservice distribution channels throughout North America as a registered trademark of Bridor Inc. Its products are of course available in the corporate Au Pain Doré boutiques in the greater Montreal region.

While production processes have evolved from the original Marquette street location to the actual de Rouen street factory, Au Pain Doré maintained the same artisanal approach cherished by its bakers.

Production industrialization has left greater space for craftsmen to develop and give souls to each product. Machinery only intervene “where the product won’t be affected, while saving precious time to our bakers”, explains Jean-Marc Etienne in his book Au Pain Doré: 50 ans de recettes qui se racontent. With this idea in mind, “frozen-baked” breads were created stating in 1999, allowing Au Pain Doré to be served fresh at any time.

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Au Pain Doré promise :
Delicious and simple ingredients

  • Unbleached wheat flour
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial color or flavor
  • A superior quality bread